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So you've just started a new business and you need to take your newest clients out to lunch (and pay for it). A great small business credit card is the perfect way to conveniently establish and run your business while maintaining an accurate record of your expenses at the same time.

Most major credit card companies are eager to help you start your business. If you have a good personal credit history, a card issuer will give you a quality card that will meet many of your basic business needs. You'll need a card to pay for office supplies, advertising expenses and online purchases.

Almost all small business owners have at least one business credit card. Many successful businesses were initially funded entirely by owners maxing out multiple cards. Of course, we're sure that many unknown and unsuccessful companies were initially funded by multiple cards as well, so we aren't necessarily recommending that approach. But in this time of reduced credit opportunities for new businesses, card financing is certainly an option.

One of the great benefits of regularly using a card is that you can make purchases one month, but not have to pay for them until the next. Gaining a free float of 30 or more days can be a great help for companies with cash flow issues.

In addition to carrying lower interest rates than traditional credit cards, most business cards offer no annual fee and often times come with reward points. You simply accrue points through everyday business expenditures and then get cash back towards future purchases. Reward points can also be used for travel or hotel stays.

It is also possible to build up to a higher credit limit than you can get with a personal card, enabling you to make larger purchases as your company grows.

Starting a new business is an exciting time and with one of the best small business credit cards in your wallet, you can relax knowing you have some additional source of financial backing to grow your company.

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